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What Astrology Can Do for You

Astrology gives you very useful information about yourself or another pertaining to a large number of subjects relative to your starsmental, spiritual and physical condition; furthermore, it deals with these subjects in past, present and future time.

Questions as diverse as, “What is the purpose of this incarnation of my lives?” or “Is now a good time to start or expand a business?” can be answered. Anyone who has to handle a difficult dilemma or has a very difficult decision to make which could affect his/her future needs an astrologer.

Anyone who is undergoing a very difficult period in his or her life and cannot see the “light at the end of the tunnel” needs an astrologer. I can tell you when this period of difficulty will end and also guide you through it.

Anyone who is in a quandary about a relationship (Should I or shouldn’t I? Where is this going? What is this about? What does he/she really want from me? Will this stand the test of time?) needs an astrologer.

I could go on endlessly with examples of instances in life when an astrologer is needed. The fact is that at some point in your life you will almost certainly have need of an astrologer.

More and more psychotherapists and psychologists are using the services of astrologers to facilitate the process of finding their clients’ problems and aid in the healing process.

Many powerful and influential people are using astrology to stay ahead of their competition. (Ronald Reagan comes to mind.) Don’t deny yourself the use of this invaluable tool! Contact me today for additional information. Forwarned is Forearmed!!!

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