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"I think in time, Thomas Goodwin will be realized as one of the master astrologers able to show us the power of the science and its application to events and behaviors."

~ Ben Bowser, PhD.
California State University
Hayward, California

"Tom Goodwin has been my astrologer for 8 years now. I grew up around astrology and have been to several astrologers in my lifetime, let me make this easy for you, Tom is the best. Tom reveres astrology and its long history dating back to the Egyptians. Where other astrologers graze the surface with new age takes on astrology, Tom comes in where the ancients did.

"If people were required to hold a degree to practice astrology, Tom would be a professor. Tom zeroes in on the truth in a chart and works with you from there. Never are you going to feel like you've spent your time and money being cajoled by Madame Zelda. He's straight forward, you will benefit from his love and respect for astrology...Tom is wonderful and rare."

~ Jordan Wolfe, Writer
West Holly wood, California

"I have known Tom Goodwin since 1994. Since that time Tom has done many astrological charts for me and has instructed and advised me on many issues. This has been a major influence on my growth as a musician and as a man. However my relationship with Tom goes beyond his services as an astrologer and teacher. Because of Tom's detailed knowledge of many issues that deal with ancient Egypt (and related cultures) Tom has been able to instructed me on how to do original research to gain some insight into the methods of thinking and principle ways of being of the initiated people of ancient times. This has greatly enhanced my studies of the ancient cultures of Africa, Mesopotamia, India and China, as well as aiding in my understanding of the surviving remnants of these cultures today. All of this gives me an expanded context in which to understand what was happening musically and spiritually and this information is of great help in the expression of my music. Tom and I have done a lot of research together regarding the connection of music and the philosophy of the initiated thinkers of ancient Egypt.

"So the results of my association with Tom have had some effect on most of the areas of my life since we met, a far greater impact than if Tom was just doing astrological charts for me. I consider Tom Goodwin a philosopher, one of the elevated thinkers of our time."

~ Steve Coleman, Jazz Band Leader and Saxophonist
New York,New York

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