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Full natal Reading (2 1/2 to 3 hours for session)

picture of eyeA Full natal Reading combines the reading of the Radical Natal Chart, the Primary Progressed, the Secondary Progressed, and the Transits.

The Radical Natal Chart is based on the celestial Pattern at the time of first breath. It tells the purpose of the incarnation (lessons to be learned), the challenges that must be met and your strengths and weaknesses in dealing with them. Also, the causes in space and time for the blockages and challenges with which we must cope and overcome.

The Progressed Charts move in time to set up various celestial configurations which will present opportunities for changes and challenges which facilitate learning. The Transits are the current at any time movements of the planets in the sky and indicate the occurrences in your life at present.

Compatibility Readings

There are two types of Compatibility Charts with which I work:

This chart is the chart of a relationship as an entity. It tells the real purpose of the relationship and indicates its strengths and weaknesses, its state of health, the general nature of the relationship between the two as well as the way the two as a single entity relate to others, as well as how others relate to them.

The Synastry Charts tell the influence and direct affect the two have on each other both negative and positive.

Electical Reading

Electical Readings tell the most propitious time to initiate a new project or to make any other important move. They also tell when times are not good for these things.

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