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"I don’t think of her as some marvelous psychic or spiritual healer. She is a Spiritual Teacher with amazing abilities and blessing. I am not a person to force my beliefs or opinions on anyone. So, Ill just say have faith. Believe. Her gifts are real."

~ Jordan Wolf, WriterWest Hollywood, California

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"I spent a lot of money in therapy in the past 19 years. I was on medications for treatment of anxiety attacks and for depression. I was feeling peaceful and calm at first then my progress slowed down. I started to feel very sensitive and vulnerable. It was a controlled healing process.

"I found Asunna who guided me through my spiritual growth. She is very gentle yet direct in her work. Her love and clarity helped me get connected with my inner being and feel very happy. I have stopped my psychotherapy and medications. I am calmer and relaxed. My experience working with Asunna has been a very fast psychological and spiritual healing. Asunna taught me it is all right to be happy."

M, Creative Artist
Washington, D.C.

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"Asunna can remove emotional blocks and negative spiritual energy, not just from this life, but also from past lives. That is what makes the cleanings such a unique way to take care of yourself."

Gigi Gregory, M. P. H. Health Educator
San Francisco Department of Public Health
San Francisco, California

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"Asunna removed the negative presence and helped me to realize my true nature - And let me say there is nothing greater than to know your true self. I give thanks that I was led to Asunna by a power greater than me."

Cacanja, Writer & Psych Professional
San Francisco, California

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Asunna’s abilities to work with past life experiences have been most beneficial to me. I have been able to grow, learn, and put into perspective many occurrences in this present life.

~ E. D. Singh
San Francisco, California


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"I am truly indebted to Asunna in helping me in ways most people can’t. Asunna’s healing gifts are powerful and most rare indeed. I even called Asunna when I was in Egypt and her healing gifts helped me."

~ Grace C. Pattugalan
San Francisco, California

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"From one psychic to another, I must say you are the first person I call when I have energy challenges. Your professional expertise is invaluable to me as I sit, along with you, on the front lines of the battle between confusion and clarity.”

~ Ashalyn, CHT
MT. Shasta, California

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"The spiritual work of Asunna Mekaru has proven to be the basis of my growth, my change and my soul- centered enlightenment."

~ Will Power, Playwright, performance artist, and M.C.; Co-Artist/Director, Midnight Voices, "The Gathering," Teyolia Productions, San Francisco, California & New York, New York

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pic of waterfall"After my son’s birth, I found myself needing guidance to appreciate my mind, body, and spirit. Motherhood sent me down an unfamiliar road. Asunna was able to sort through the clatter and lead me to a point of clarity. I call on her regularly."

~ Michlene Cotten, Norwood
Mother, Writer, Artist
New York, New York

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"The first time I had a spiritual consultation with Asunna, I felt completely validated and understood. Her knowledge and insight into the spiritual realm have provided me with the clarity I need to make informed decisions about my life and purpose."

~ Marla Rubio
New York, New York

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"I accept Asunna’s 'Spiritual Cleansing' as necessary as a trip to a doctor. I can truly feel her working through me even though we are miles apart. I consider it a major blessing to have Asunna presence in my life."

~ Isaac Bright, The Verbal Warrior
Los Angeles, California

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