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picture of flowerServices are available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, email Asunna at

  • Clearing spiritual blockages
  • An introduction to and alignment with your higher self, spirit guides and angels

  • Past and present life foreign entity removal

  • Career success counseling

  • Business relationship clarification

  • Personal relationship clarification

  • Healing separation issues

  • Chakra and aura cleanings

Telephone sessions are also available and are just as effective as in person.

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• Why do I feel sad and or alone?

• Why do I feel that I can not accomplish what is in my heart?

• How can I find my inner peace?

• What is my path?

• How can I stay on my path?

• Who are my Spirit Guides?

• How does past life experiences effect me?

• Why do I stop myself when I am doing so well?

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