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picture of dove Asunna – Mekaru Goodwin (aka D. Goodwin) sees and hears between the worlds. Asunna is a gifted psychic healer, teacher and spirit communicator; who can speak with your guardian angels, ancestors and special messengers who may need to communicate with you.

Through nonjudgmental guide insight, unconditional love and humor; she gently assists you in transitioning through your emotional, mental and spiritual clearings, both past and personal connection with Spirit.

By making these connections and bringing forth the biggest vibrations, the way is opened to a higher spiritual path. This in turn will bring opportunities to you (jobs, relationships, good health and spiritual peace) and also lead you to your life’s work. (Please click here to see a photo of Asunna.)



What Asunna's Peers Say

"From one psychic to another, I must say you are the first person I call when I have energy challenges. Your professional expertise is invaluable to me as I sit, along with you, on the front lines of the battle between confusion and clarity."

~ Ashalyn, CHT
MT. Shasta, California

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